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Basic note on Chemotaxonomy 2021

WHAT IS CHEMOTAXONOMY Chemotaxonomy is the classification of plants and animals based on similarities and differences in bio-chemical composition. Or The classification of plants and micro organisms based on similarities and differences in their natural products and the biochemical pathways involved in their manufacture. EXPLAIN CHEMOTAXONOMY Also called chemosystematics, it is the attempt to classify

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Laws of thermodynamics

3 Basic laws of thermodynamics

LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS The basic principles of thermodynamics form the basic for the study of bio energetixs. Thermodynamics principles are applied to describe the various aspects of livings system. Thermodynamics describes the energy and work and also the conversions within and among the energy and work.Thermodynamics principles are given as laws of thermodynamics. FIRST LAW

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Basic note on Nucleus

WHAT IS NUCLEUS The nucleus is a double-membraned organelle that contains the genetic material and other instructions required for cellular processes. According to Belar, Nucleus can be defined as any formation surrounded by cytoplasm from which chromosomes arise during division. It is the major seat of heredity and it controls all the cellular activities. In

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Brief note on Dies

WHAT ARE DIES Dies are used for cutting threads on the outside surface on pipe, round rods etc. or threading dies are used to cut external threads on cylindrical work pieces. It is operated with hand and for this purpose die stock is used. These are made of circular and square shape. HOW IS A

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Basic note on Chromosomes

WHAT ARE CHROMOSOMES Chromosomes are thread like structures which are made of protein and DNA which can be found inside the nucleus of animal and plant cells. According to the position of the centromere they are of 4 types.1) Metacentric2) Sub metacentric3) Acro centric4) Telocentric CHEMICAL STRUCTURE OF CHROMOSOMES Chemically these are formed of nucleic

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10 Best Online Money Earning Apps in India

In India, many often people search how to earn real money via apps, what are the best apps to make money fast. But they didn’t get the right apps in the last also. Well! No need to worry, we are here with the best top 10 money earning apps in India. Apps that will pay

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