Last date of aadhaar linking

If you have not linked yet, then please hurry up. Last date to link your Aadhaar with Pan is 31-03-2021. If you don’t link your Aadhaar with Pan within date, your Pan card may become inoperative.

Now it has been made mandatory for you to link Aadhaar card with Pan card. The supreme court has recently said that citizens must link their PAN card with Aadhaar for constitutional validity of Aadhaar. The Government has also extended the last date for linking process of Pan card with Aadhaar until 31 March 2021.

Benefits of Linking Aadhaar Card with Pan Card?

There are many reasons that govt has imposed this rule of interlinking PAN and Aadhaar together. Below are the two reason mentioned.

  • Proper Tax Controlling.
  • Multiple PAN card Fraud.

Different ways to Link Aadhaar Card with PAN Card

There are total three ways to link your PAN card with Aadhaar card. Below are the
three ways to do it.

  1. Through E-filing (Online)
  2. Through SMS (Phone)
  3. Through Physical Documents (Offline)

Link Pan Card and Aadhaar Card Through E-filing

First of all you need to keep both Aadhaar card and Pan card with you. Because in this process of linking pan card and Aadhaar card Pan number and Aadhaar number will be required. Follow the below steps to link your Pan and Aadhaar Card online.

link aadhaar card with pan card

Step One : Open you web browser on phone or computer.
Step Two : In URL bar type ““.
Step Three : After the website loads completely click on “Link Aadhaar“.
Step Four : Now you got a “Form” and you have to fill it with correct details.
Step Five : Put you Pan number, Aadhaar number and your name as printed on Aadhaar card.
Step Six : Check the 4th option only if year of birth is printed on Aadhaar card.
Step Seven : Check the fifth option “I agree to validate my aadhaar details with UIDAI“.
Step Eight : You have two options to go with either complete the Captcha or generate OTP.
Step Ten : Now finally click on “Link Aadhaar” button and done.

Aadhaar Pan linking form

Link Aadhaar Card with Pan Card By Sending SMS

Your Pan card can also be linked with Aadhaar card by sending an SMS through you smartphone. Follow the bellow points to interlink your Pan and Aadhaar card together.

  1. Open your SMS app on you phone.
  2. Type UIDPAN<12-digit-aadhaar-no><10-digit-pan-no>
  3. Now send the message to 567678 or 56161.
  4. You will receive a confirmation sms within a few minute. That’s it.

Link Aadhaar and Pan Card Offline

So if you are having any difficulties while linking you Pan card and Aadhaar card online then you also have an option to do it through offline. You need to have the original physical copies of both Aadhaar and Pan card. If you already have it then just go to the nearest Pan service center of NSDL or UTITSL in your locality.

Check Status Of Aadhaar and Pan Card Link Request

check pan and aadhaar link status

After you successfully submit the interlinking of Pan and Aadhaar request you may check the status of the process. To do that follow the below steps.

  1. Open “” website in your browser.
  2. Go to “Aadhaar Link” option.
  3. Now on the top click on “Check Status
  4. Enter your already submited Pan and Aadhaar number.
  5. Click on the button “View Link Aadhaar Status“.

Unable To Link Your Aadhaar Card with Pan Card

If you have failed to link your Aadhaar and Pan card then it may be due to these following reasons below.

  • Your Full Name and Date of Birth are not matched in both Pan and Aadhaar.
  • You may have entered wrong name while filling the form. Re-check and submit again.

Name and Date Of Birth Correction in PAN Card

Before getting started with your Pan and Aadhaar card linking process you must check both of your cards if there is any misprinting in Full Name or Date of Birth. If you find any mistakes in your Pan card then you can make online correction and download the photo copy of your corrected Pan card. You can also apply for a physical copy of your corrected Pan card latter. In coming days I will publish a complete step by step guide on Date and Name Correction in Pan Card. For now you can have a look at these short information.

correction in pan card

Step One : Got to “NSDL Online Service” website.
Step Two : Select “change or correction” in application type.
Step Three : In category select your Pan card type.
Step Four : Now fill the General information of your card and submit.

FreQuently asked questions

It is an instant process but in some cases it may take upto few minutes.

No, it is totally free of cost.

The last date is 31 march 2021.

No documents are required. You just have to check if there is any misprinting in Name or DOB before linking.

The aadhaar helpline number is 1800-300-1947. You can also email them at [email protected]

Yes, there is a penalty of Rs 10,000 under section 272B of the act.